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Hi, my name is Jan Hall and I am an independent insurance agent with over four decades of unmatched solid experience and in-depth knowledge in all aspects of health insurance. My goal is to help as many individuals get the proper health coverage they need to live a healthy, worry free life to the fullest.

Being the trusted agent of health insurance Idaho folks trust, I make sure to take great care of all my clients. I make myself truly available to assist them each and every day of the year. I take the time to listen to my customers' needs and devise effective, affordable insurance solutions that are tailored to their requirements. What's more, I make sure to stay accessible to my clients even after the sale has been concluded. I am not the type of agent who's just out to make a sale. I would like to think that I have succeeded in the Idaho health insurance market for as long as I have due to the fact that I genuinely care for my clients, their health, and their loved ones. 

Experiencing unexpected health emergencies and other health concerns can take its toll on your finances, relationships and other important aspects of your life. Don't live life without proper health coverage and leave your family devastated when medical emergencies come up. Get yourself and your loved ones the medical insurance coverage you all deserve. Whether you're looking for health insurance for an individual or family, or Medigap, Medicare Advantage, or Medicare Part D, you're certain to find the exact products for your exact needs with my help.

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